Tips for Planning a Great Party

Most people don’t know how to answer to the age old question, where do you start when planning a party? If you are interested in hosting your own, you might start with a guest list. You might also start with a budget. You might start with a party theme, but most people start with a list. Many people will tell you that the easiest way to stay organized and plan anything is to create a list and stick to it. You can pick 5-10 or so things to do and start with 1 and go down the list until you finish. Here is a great list you can use if you are looking to plan a great party.

Number 1. Figure out who you want to invite and how many invitations to send. Are you thinking of a small gathering or a huge group? This is crucial to determine beforehand. Are you trying to entertain 100 people, or are you thinking of an intimate group of 5 to 10 friends for a sit-down dinner or a backyard barbecue?

Number 2. Food. Everyone loves to eat and parties are great for airing out your favorite recipes or trying something new. Of course, you could just order pizza, wings and garlic knots. However, you will also want plenty of snack items, because folks still love to nibble here and there, especially at a party. Fortunately for you, finger foods come in many shapes and sizes!

full martinis at a party

Number 3, Man can not live with bread alone. He must have a beverage or some kind of liquid nourishment. The big decision here is whether or not to serve alcohol, which is usually an easy one to make. Are you inviting a drinking crowd or not? It’s that simple. If you are going to introduce alcohol, make sure everyone parties responsibly and no one drinks and drives.

Number 4. Not every party requires organized activities, but fun games like beer pong, volleyball and basketball in the backyard can spice up any get-together. This is especially true if you have a younger crown, people with energy to burn!

Number 5. Entertainment and music. Are you thinking about hiring a band or a DJ, or are you just going to play music on your home stereo? Are you going to set up a dance floor for people to get wild? These are all important things to consider as no party is the same without music and dancing. The critical decision here is figuring out what role you want to play in setting up the entertainment. Sometimes it’s easier to delegate these party chores so that you can have a good time yourself.

These are just 5 of the most important things to consider when trying to plan a great party. You are going to have to finish the rest of this list yourself depending on what type of event you will be hosting. At first glance, hosting your own event could seem quite daunting. However, after proper organization and planning, you can easily host a great party without too much effort at all!