Tailgate Party Fixes

As much as I adore listening to stories of how guests embarrass themselves at tailgate parties, I abhor being guilty of the humiliating act. To prevent this from happening, I am proactive to a slightly fanatical degree. You have to be pretty exacting to come off as smooth all the time: it takes effort to look effortless. Because of this, I wanted to share with you a few ideas for making sure you are as smooth as can be, at all times during your football tailgating season.

Tailgate Party Ideas

First, I make sure to stock my car, my pockets, my phone case, my beer pong table, my cornhole board, all my party supplies, well, you get the idea. One cardinal rule I follow is to keep your phone with you at all times, along with a portable charger. I bought one of those thingamajigs that allow you to charge the portable charger from the car USB port. Obviously, don’t spend more than a few minutes of the party on your phone, however a phone is essential at the end of the party, and people always bum my charger off of me. Your phone is also a great way to snap photos and videos of the days events, that way you can recall what happened as you hopefully got all of the great footage documented!

large party before the game

Now, on to the less obvious necessities. Keep money in your phone case. All you probably need is a twenty, but keep all denominations as well as change in your purse and car. Tailgate parties are riddled with vendors selling food, apparel and other novelties, so it is always important to have a few bucks on you, just in case! Next: body powder. Let me explain. Especially in the summer, parties can get a little sweaty, so I often sprinkle a little powder on my chest and back to keep me nice and fresh. I always laugh when I see the guy or gal covered in sweat, looking absolutely like a train-wreck in public.

Here are some other minor tips. For eating: a couple of toothpicks, a napkin, a couple of mints. No gum. Band-Aids for blisters and unfortunate paper cuts and a change of clothes and shoes in the car. You all laugh but this will ensure that you are ready to go, even in the event of a rainstorm or incredibly humid day. A small tin of citronella cream and lightweight sunscreen for the summer months. Even though I have all the necessities, I avoid the ‘bulge’ of a huge bag or packed car. Everything is compact and well-thought out!

Everything I mentioned above seems incredibly simple, yet you would be surprised at how many people don’t even think to plan properly. If you prepare the right way the next time you are heading to a tailgate party or other type of outdoor party, you will thank me for helping you remember the necessities that will keep you from embarrassing yourself! Here are some more tips to help you with your next tailgating event.