Selecting The Perfect Party Theme

Before you even consider what type of party you are going to host for that next big event in your life, take a minute to reflect on how some of the themed parties you have been to in the past have affected you. Was it that one Hawaiian themed celebration or that 80’s party you remember the most? If you have ever beer to a themed event, you know how important it is to go “all in” if you are planning one for yourself and your friends. The info you can find here will help you pick the perfect theme for your next function.

For starters, whatever theme you decide on needs to be committed to fully. That means if you host a Christmas party, make sure you decorate the heck out of everything with Christmas garb. You can mandate that all guest show up in Christmas clothes like ugly sweaters or just red and green clothes. If you are planning a Halloween get together, make sure everyone shows up in costume and brings plenty of candy! If you are thinking about a tailgate party, make sure you have plenty of football decorations and gear.

waving a team flag

The main hurdle you need to overcome when thinking about a themed party is the prep work. You will need to create or purchase decorations like flyers, posters, streamers, napkins, cups, plates and anything else that you can use to create the party atmosphere. If you are thinking about hosting the same event annually, you should be able to save the majority of the decorations to use and reuse over and over again. This will be the most cost effective way for you to get your event up and running.

Remember, the main difference between your themed party and those that are not is the amount of planning that goes into it. With the proper knowledge and time, a little creativity and careful planning, you can create a fantastic theme that everyone who attends will love.

One of the most popular themed events is the tailgate party. There is not a football stadium in America that doesn’t have wild partying before every home game. Tailgating is a staple of the American party scene, and a perfect theme to use for your next event. Gather the troops and load the car up before heading to the stadium to support your favorite team before the big game. Toss in the cornhole sets, some bags, maybe a ladder golf game or two and anything else you think you may need! If this is not your style, maybe start with a small birthday themed event, or maybe even an office theme to host at work.

Whatever type of event you decide to go with, make sure you go all in and plan it properly. Proper planning is the difference between an “OK” party and a great party. So, next time you are thinking about getting all of your friends and family members together to celebrate a big event, think about incorporating a theme. Themed parties are the way to go when you are trying to plan the absolute best event that you can! For those who are ready to get started, here is a cool video on party decoration ideas.