Other Fun Drinking Games

A friend recently asked me about any other popular drinking games that I know of. I had to think hard to dredge up some of the old drinking games I have played. There are a few that I remember, and a couple others that have recently come to my attention. The rules may not be all that clear on some of these, but they’re fun to play with friends and possibly class mates.

Cool Tailgating and Drinking Games

The first one of these games can be called either 7’s or Buzz. The game starts with the players sitting in a circle around a cup of beer. This is usually a 6oz cup, or half a 12oz can of beer. Either way, play starts with the first person counting ‘one’. The next player says ‘two’, and so on. The only rule is that the players are not allowed to say either a number that has a 7 in it, or is divisible by 7. If they do, that player must drink the beer in the middle of the circle. Thus the name of the game, 7’s. The Buzz variation is a bit more difficult as the players must alternate between saying ‘bizz’ or ‘buzz’ when ever they come to a number they are not supposed to say. This is more difficult because if a player slips up and says ‘bizz’ when it should be ‘buzz’, he has to drink the beer. This game can be played while sitting around a table, but sitting on the floor might work better as it saves from falling off your chair should you end up losing the game.

family playing games

Another game I used to play is, or was, a more popular one. It involved bouncing a quarter into a glass of what ever the players chose to drink. Hence the game is called ‘quarters’. Most players will use beer in a cup for this game, but others, wishing for a greater challenge will use hard alcohol and a shot glass. This makes the game harder because of the smaller target. When a player makes is able to bounce the quarter into what ever receptacle is being used, the other player is forced to drink the beverage, and catch the quarter in his teeth. Believe me, that part is not as easy as it sounds, especially after a few rounds of play. Here is a quick clip on how to play quarters.

Another popular game is ‘shot checkers’. As the name implies, this is simply a game of checkers played using filled shot glasses. This game can be played on a regulation checker/chess board, but if the players prefer beer to other alcohol, a larger version needs to be made to accommodate the larger cups. Play goes as a normal game of checkers, but when a piece is taken off the board, the player capturing the piece drinks the shot. One thing to remember when playing this game is that both a light and a dark alcohol should be used. This is usually not a problem as there are several brands of rum and tequila that come in both light and dark varieties.

There is one other game that I remember, but I have never actually played. That is ‘Battle Shots.’ Yep, you guessed it. This game is played using the standard rules for the popular game, ‘Battleship’, but uses filled shot glasses instead of little white pegs. As I said, I have never actually played this game, but I believe that the person calling the shot is the one who gets to drink the shot if he scores a hit. It could be the other way around, but it more sense this way.

Try Out a New Drinking Game

While most of these games are one-on-one, don’t think that they don’t make good party games. It just means that there will be more going on at any given time. These games are all perfect for any tailgate or backyard party. They are also great anywhere else you can imagine. So next time you’re hanging out with your buddies, or celebrating for whatever reason, try some of these. You might just find a new favorite!