My Own Tailgate Party Experience

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am so excited that you found my page and am happy to share with you all of my tailgate party experiences. I have been traveling across the country for a number of years, visiting different NFL and college stadiums to try and enjoy myself anywhere I can!

I have learned quite a few things about the different cultures of various NFL and NCAA teams as well as their fans! I will periodically post my travel experiences and cool foods, games and other items that I come across. Feel free to comment, post or contact me if you need some information or want to learn more.

What is a Tailgate Party

Tailgating, which has its origin in the United States is a social event tied mostly to NFL and college football, where people come together for food, drinks and partying before the big game. There is not an NFL stadium in the country that lacks a bunch of pre-game parties. Every single stadium is booming with action before every single game. The same goes for every single NCAA football stadium as well!

These parties are usually held outside around the open tailgates of vehicles with extra chairs and tents to cater to many people. Parking lots at arenas and stadiums offer the perfect venue for these parties. I cannot even tell you the amount of different types of cars, trucks and gadgets that I have encountered being used across the nation. It really is incredible when so many people come together to enjoy themselves.

A football tailgate party has now become an integral part of American Culture. It is a popular social gathering where people consume grilled food and maybe knock back a few beers. A typical tailgate has a steady stream of beer and cold beverages along with lots and lots of picnic foods like burgers, dogs and plenty of sides and condiments. Trust me, there are very few skinny people who attend!

Tailgating has also become a staple of pre-game celebrations at events like hockey, soccer, baseball and basketball. Sometimes these events are even held at non sporting events like barbecues and weddings!

When people gather together for these events, they also tend to play a few party games such as beer pong, ladder toss and cornhole. I have become a master at all three of these! There is also plenty of loud music to accompany these popular games.

Awesome Places to Tailgate

I have had the privilege of tailgating at multiple stadiums across the country and would love to share my top 3 places that I have enjoyed myself! Depending on where you are located, you just may be able to have fun at the same venues as I have.

playing cornhole at the tailgate

Kansas City Chiefs
Tailgating in KC was such a great experience as their parties attract visitors from all over the country. There are so many people there that are more interested in partying than in the actual game. Now, there are PLENTY of Chiefs fans who are tailgating, I just thought it would necessary to mention how many non football fans show up to support their local team and have a great time while doing it. The Chief fanatics are the ones that show up first thing in the morning and are already drinking and partying well before lunch time”. There is so much food, live music and fun that I almost didn’t want to leave. I recommend that everyone gets out to Kansas City for a pre-game party if you ever get the opportunity!

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo, New York is typically not the most active of towns. This may be the reason why Sunday game day is such a blast. It seems like the entire city ventures to Ralph Wilson stadium to support their Bills and party their faces off. There is even a designated area in the arena parking lot where partying is condoned! It is also very important to mention that the “buffalo wings” in Buffalo are out of this world! You are truly missing out if you never get to party with the Bill’s fans before one of their games.

Green Bay Packers
Cheesehead fans are some of the most dedicated and loyal in the NFL. There are over 80,000 people on the waiting list just to get season tickets. Packers’ fans are incredibly serious about their team, and equally as serious about their pre-game tailgate parties. Parties at Lambeau field have made national news for their enormous size and official band! They are even climate controlled facilities for those that want to party inside when it is cold. That is all I can say about Green Bay as you need to experience this place for yourself.

Stay Tuned to My Blog about Football Tailgating

Well, I hope those brief descriptions have piqued your interest and are going to motivate you to get out and experience some real NFL tailgating for yourself. As I previously mentioned, I am incredibly fortunate that I have been able to experience a lot for myself. Because of this, I am dedicating this entire blog to providing you with some fascinating tailgate party information. I will discuss awesome venues, cool products I recommend and endorse, and of course the best foods and drinks to bring to your next function! I will also offer you some great tips on how you print your own designs on banners, tents, beer pong tables, cornhole boards and any other products you could ever want to use at your events!

Check out this great tailgating video one of my good friends shot at his last tailgate!