Make Your Own Portable Beer Pong Table

As you may already know, based on my experiences, tailgate party games provide a lot of fun and excitement for all participants. One of the games that adults love playing is beer pong. This game is especially popular among young college students. It usually requires one player to toss a ping pong ball into 1 of 10 plastic cups, which are half-full of beer on a table. The opposing player will be required to drink the beer in the cup that the ball falls into.

Although you can play this game with your own rules, even without a table, it is more exciting when you use a custom beer pong table. You can even make a table that is portable and compact enough to fit into your vehicle for easy transport to your next party. In this post, we will be discussing some of the methods you can use to create a table that you can use to play this game virtually anywhere.

How to Construct a Beer Pong Table

You can buy a portable table from the store, but constructing a table for your beer pong game adds much more fun! You will also have the opportunity to create a table with a unique design that will attract many people to your game. For this simple do-it-yourself project, you will need a plywood board, some primer, a paintbrush, water proof acrylic paint and lacquer. You can get all these items at your local home improvement store.

portable beer pong table

Start with a long piece of plywood that is either new or still in good condition. This will be used for the surface of the table. You can buy one from a shop or salvage one from wherever you can. Basically, the official beer pong table dimensions are 8ft long by 2ft wide. After you get your plywood, look for a way to prop it up.

Make sure that the surface you place your plywood on is flat and easy to work on. If you love do it yourself wood working tasks, you could build some legs that will fold under your table. The legs can be made with 4 pieces of 2×4. These legs can be screwed onto the four corners of the underside of your plywood with an L-bracket to improve stability. As an alternative, you can buy folding table legs from your favorite hardware store. You can then screw them firmly to the base of the table at either end. When you do this, ensure that you take accurate measurements so the legs are evenly spaced.

Once this is complete, add a primer to the surface of the plywood before you do any painting. This will help your paint last longer and be more effective. For your paint design, select a waterproof acrylic. Since beer pong is a drinking game, water and beer will destroy any low-grade paint and warp the wood. Be as creative as you can be at this point. Paint an attractive design that will make your table stand out above all others!

Finish your painting with a lacquer coating. This will give the table a glossy surface and provide some protection from chipping. The more attention you pay to the painting steps, the longer your table will last.

That’s pretty much it, once you build the legs, secure the top and paint the design, you have just created your own portable table. So, what’s next?

What to do With Your Custom Beer Pong Table

One the building process is complete, you should figure out how you will transport it to your next party or tailgate. A pickup truck is a good option since it will accommodate and plenty of beer! If you do not own a truck, you may then consider dividing your table into two equal halves and hinging it in the center. It will fold easily and fit into virtually any car. Consult your home improvement specialist for the right hinges to use to join the two pieces of plywood together. Now you can bring your table anywhere you please!

Tailgate party games like beer pong always create a good time. Using a unique, custom made table will definitely add to the enjoyment. We hope you enjoyed this great article on how you can do-it-yourself. If you are looking for your own custom beer pong table, try here.