Football Tailgating Revisited

In case you haven’t noticed, I love tailgating. I love nothing more than NFL and NCAA football seasons and traveling wherever I can to enjoy partying with various different people. Because of this, I wanted to share some information on NFL tailgating and how awesome it really is.

When NFL football season is with us, each and every time has dedicated admirers who invest hours prior to each game partying and coming together with other supporters to support their team.

large tent at the tailgate

NFL football tailgating is a lot more than simply eating a lot! Serious tailgaters appear with RV’s, smokers and quality food for the downright finest party, every time. These fanatics are the life of every get-together and are the reason many of us get to enjoy ourselves week after week. It is sad that football is so brief!

Some of Our Pointers for Efficient Tailgating

Get there very early. Many party goers show up the night before and camp out to ensure they have the very best spot for their venue. You can intend on getting there a couple of hours before the game so you can eat, have a good time and cleanup with plenty of time to get inside the stadium for kickoff. Most importantly, you can leave immediately when the game is done without having to wait like the enthusiasts do.

Make sure to bring a lot of tailgating games and extras. My favorite is beer pong, and I never miss a game at any tailgate. You may notice a lot of portable beer pong tables at all of these parties. These tailgate tables are all extremely portable and fold quickly so you can stash them and bring them anywhere. In case you haven’t noticed, The main reason the majority of people go to tailgate parties is to get hammered, have a good time and obviously play party games.

Bring lots of extra containers as you will certainly have left overs. I have never been to a football tailgate where there wasn’t too much food, so make sure you plan appropriately. Also make sure to pack a lot of forks and knives and incidentals as you never know who might be shorthanded and in need of some help.

My Personal Tailgating Guidelines

Rule number 1, ensure that you do not go overboard with the booze as you can get ill, arrested or both if you are not careful. Everything in small amounts!

Rules number 2, remain safe and don’t drink liquor and drive a vehicle!

That’s it. My 2 rules for the best party experience.

Even though there are no main rules for football tailgating, I wanted to make sure that I talk about the two main ones I endorse to help you stay out of trouble. You can have a blast if you do it the right way!

I have a laundry list of other rules and guidelines that I typically follow. Please contact me if you want some more information on how to properly tailgate, what great games to play, or where you can get your own products to use. You can also check out this great site about the Top 25 College Football Tailgating Schools