Football Tailgating in the Fall

Every Fall, football fans begin to get excited simply because they get to start tailgating again. They love supporting their teams at every game and tailgating is integral party of all the action. Decorations start going up, team colors get worn, and fans all over the country start enjoying themselves. The beginning of Fall is one of the most pleasant times of the year as it usually comes with long days and cool, crisp evenings. This is the perfect weather to check out a few sporting and tailgating events. Whether you’re at a high school, college, or at a professional football game, pre-game rituals are often as enjoyable as the matches themselves, and offer great place to meet up with friends to have some fun. If you are interested in learning more about tailgate partying, here are a few quick tips to make the most out of these exciting parties.

adults partying at the tailgate

One of the nicest things about tailgating events is that they don’t have to be particularly elaborate or fancy. There are rarely any dull moments because everyone attending has something in common. Talk is based around the game and breaking the ice with new friends or acquaintances is easy with a quick chant or lively conversation. It is the perfect venue to relax with old friends or even meet some new ones.

When it comes to food, you’re likely to find almost anything you can think of. For many people, they only go to tailgate parties for the food. Grilled meats, smoked wings and a variety of appetizers and side dishes would have anyone’s mouth watering. If you run a small food truck or catering business, you can make some serious cash at one of these events.

Of course, there’s also going to be drinking at these events. Booze is one of the most popular reasons why people love these types of events. You can see chugging contents, social drinking and also a variety of drinking games like beer pong, bean bag toss, flip and more. These parties offer the perfect venue for outdoor partying, so any fun game you can think of will do. Also, if you are attending, make sure you pack your own cooler full of beer so that you never run out!

Essentially, the main point of these events is to have fun, enjoy yourself and root for your favorite team with thousands of fellow fans. Tailgates are the perfect way to spend an entire day with the people you love, supporting your favorite school or team. If you have never been to one of these events, you are seriously missing out. Hopefully, this brief article educated you on how awesome these events really are!

Summertime Beach Party Fun

Who doesn’t love partying on the beach? There’s little doubt that the sun and sand combine to make a fantastic party atmosphere, and the location offers everything from peace and tranquility to excitement and fun. This is why beaches are perfect to plan pretty much any type of party you desire. This post will educate you on the typical beach party and how easy it is to plan one.

Because they’re informal, out in the open, and already have their own entertainment (the sun, the sand, the waves!), beach parties are very easy to organize. Everybody enjoys hanging out by the seaside, and everybody knows more or less what to expect and what to bring. This is why it won’t be difficult to sell your party idea to your friends. All you really need to is pick up a disposable barbecue and some snacks at any local store. Then, you can easily let the partying begin!

In general, beach parties happen during the day, when the sun warms the sand and you can cool off in the sea. However, the beach is also a great location for night time parties. If you are going to party at night, you should probably contact the local authorities about specific beach rules, as nobody wants their party to be interrupted by the police. In many locations, alcohol consumption is forbidden on the beach, as is the creation of open fires. These are important things to know beforehand. If you have a general idea of what you can and cannot do, it will be so much easier to plan your event.

If you are going to prepare food for your party, it’s probably best to do so at home. Barbecues on the beach are fine, but nobody wants to find grits of sand in their sandwiches. It is so easy to prepare everything at your house and just pack some coolers and bring them to the beach. Make sure all dairy products are kept in a cool-bag or chilled box, as they can spoil quickly. It goes without saying that everyone should ensure they’re always well hydrated, so make sure everyone drinks a lot of water to avoid any problems. That hot sun can be brutal if you don’t drink enough water.

Of course, there are a few downsides to partying on the beach, but these aren’t too difficult to deal with. Sunburn happens to the best of us, so make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen. Also, make sure your guests are using plenty of sunscreen as well. Beaches are naturally exposed to all of the elements, so you can definitely bank on some sun and wind being present. You should take some precautions by making sure all of your personal items are weighed down or hidden from the wind. Don’t forget to find a shady spot every now and then, or wear a hat to avoid too much sun exposure.

beach party sign

These may all seem like basic tips and common knowledge, but you would be surprised to learn how many people suffer from things like sun poisoning and dehydration when visiting the beach. The beach can be a fantastic oasis where you can relax or party your face off with all of your friends. If you are looking to start some beach partying, pay attention to some of the simple tips and you will be all set!

NASCAR Tailgating Tips

Tailgate parties are a great way to have fun at any sporting event. A tailgate party is a party that takes place in a parking lot, with people using the bed of their truck or the trunk of their car as their storage space and table top. Tailgate parties are especially popular before outdoor sporting events like NASCAR races.

The first step to creating a great tailgating party at the NASCAR track is to make a list of everything you are going to need. While you will probably be able to find forgotten items from a store near the track, stores around the NASCAR event are likely to increase their prices to take advantage of people who forget things. The best way to ensure you have a great stress-free party is to always be prepared.

One popular way of preparing food for tailgate parties is on the barbecue grill. There are a lot of free recipes online, which are all easy to look up. Narrow your search by using terms like “tailgate party foods” instead of something broad like “barbecue recipes” to help you find some great ideas.

When you are deciding what foods and drinks to serve, keep in mind that you are going to be preparing them in a parking lot. Don’t choose dishes that are complex to make or eat. Instead, choose simple dishes that are budget friendly.
Purchase all your food, snacks and beverages before the event. Getting everything early gives you a chance to shop the sales and save yourself some money. Shopping early also allows you the time to double check that you haven’t forgotten anything.
Even if you are only inviting a small number of guests, plan for extras. Since your party is taking place in the parking lot, there are going to be a lot of other NASCAR fans around you. Getting to know other people is part of the fun of a tailgate party.

If you are a huge NASCAR fan, you can even look into getting your own branded products to party with. For example, there are a variety of beer pong tables and other party games out there that have NASCAR drivers and car images on them. A lot of them can even be customized. The cool thing about this is that you can now bring your own products to the tailgate and show them off to all your friends. For the serious NASCAR enthusiasts, there are even a variety of NASCAR cornhole sets that will be sure to liven up any tailgate party!

nascar tailgate banner

Whether your tailgate party stays small, with only family and friends attending, or becomes a huge party where other NASCAR fans join you, it is sure to be a great experience. Take some time to prepare and plan, and no matter who wins the race, it will be a day you are sure to remember! Check out this site for more info on NASCAR tailgating.

Fun Summertime Party Games

Even though it may still be snowing where you live, summertime is almost here. Are you ready to break out that sun dress, those beaded flip flops and the flashy sunglasses? The majority of people out there get very excited when summer is near, as it a great time to kick back, relax and have some fun with friends. This article will help give you some ideas of what you can do for fun this upcoming summer.

Once the weather gets warm enough, it time to break out those crazy beach hats, the tanning lotion and the topical drinks. Summer season is the time to hit the beach enjoy all that the beautiful weather has to offer. For most, it is very exciting to think that in just a few months, this will all be happening. A lot of people suffer from seasonal depression, especially when it is dark all of the time in the winter. This is why summer is so important. It stays light all day long and into the night and it is warm and peaceful. Have you ever heard of seasonal depression in the summer? That’s right, because it doesn’t exist!

To gear up for the upcoming summer, there are a variety of things you can do to plan for a great summer season. First, think about some places you may want to travel to. This is the perfect time of the year to travel as the kids will be out of school and it typically much easier to take time off of work. You can visit the beaches, mountains, lakes and anywhere else you can think of that will be relaxing.

If traveling is not quite your thing, maybe you will want to throw some parties and entertain all of your friends. If sounds more like your speed, pick up a custom beer pong table or a cornhole game set on this site and you will be able to entertain your friends all summer long. Drinking games and party games offer a great way to socialize with anyone and are fantastic ways to soak up some sun, booze and overall fun. Both beer pong and cornhole can be played with or without alcohol, so they can fun for the entire family. Other popular party games include flip cup, bags, ladder golf and more. These are all great ways to spice up your summer and keep everyone entertained.

having fun in the backyard

If you are looking for some fun things to do this upcoming summer, look no further than this article. Get ready to bust out the warm weather clothes, the sun hats and plenty of lotion. Take a trip if you love to travel as it will be very relaxing. If not, think about investing in some party games that will keep you playing all summer long. Remember to enjoy yourself as much as you can because it will be over before you know it.

Great Tailgate Games and Food

If you have ever been to a professional sporting event, you know popular tailgating is. Tailgating events have become the staple of the party scene for pro sports, college sports, concerts and many more events. Lots of people even bring the tailgating into their own backyards. If you have any reason to celebrate, grab all of your gear and get going. Pull out that grill, coolers packed with beer, cornhole boards, chairs and anything else you can think of. Before you get going, here are some great tips plus a delicious dish that you can prepare that will be perfect for your next tailgate or backyard party.

pool table in the back of a truck

It is first important to let you know that a tailgate is described as an event that is held on and around the tailgates or trunks of cars and trucks. Generally, pick-up trucks are the way to go, but if you don’t have a truck a car will do just fine. Tailgating involves grilling your favorite foods, enjoying your favorite alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and playing your favorite drinking games like beer pong and cornhole.

Some of the other popular tailgating game you can find out there are horse shoes, washer toss, ladder toss, bocce ball and a variety of others. All of these games are super portable and easy to bring anywhere. They are also easy to set-up and play and will always be fun for people off all ages to play. Tailgating just isn’t the same without party games.

When you are all tired out from playing games, it is time to think about what food you will prepare for you and all of your friends. Food is what most tailgaters look forward to the most. You can never go wrong with a simple dish that everyone enjoys. Burgers and dogs are fan favorites and here is another great dish that will keep your friends coming back for more.

Grilled Chicken Divine involves grilling some chicken with your preferred flavors. You can steam broccoli and a variety of other vegetables. Once the food is cooked, cut the chicken and vegetables into 1 inch bites. Next, melt some butter in a skillet and mix the chicken and veggies in. Once everything looks ready, plop it all into a casserole dish and serve with some pita chips or bread.

Next time you are getting ready for a professional, college or other type of sporting event, make sure you consider tailgating. This is a great way for you to connect with friends and family, have some fun and eat some great food. You can easily enjoy drinking games, lounging around and eating some great food that will guarantee to keep you coming back for more.

How to Get the Best College Experience

Have you ever talked to anyone who didn’t have a good time at college? College said to be the best time in a person’s life. It allows them to truly discover themselves and learn what it means to be a responsible adult. College is also a time to party your face off and be as social as possible. This is why some students never want to leave! If you find yourself in school and somehow are bored with nothing to do, here are a variety of ideas for you to get involved and stay entertained on any campus.

Every school in the world has campus sponsored events. Depending on where you go, there are a ton of different activities to get involved with. Check the bulletin boards around campus, school website and you can even ask around. You will be amazed at how many different organizations there are to help you get involved and make friends.

drawing of a college party

If you were a high school athlete, or ever an athlete for that matter, there are plenty of intramural sports to get involved with in college. You can play soccer, basketball, volleyball and many more. These are great opportunities to grab some friends and show off your school spirit. If playing is not your thing, go out and show some spirit and root for your school’s team!

Another novel idea is to get a job. There are plenty of jobs available on any campus for all students. You can work at the campus Rec or even get involved with student government. A job on campus is a great way to supplement your funds and get some solid work experience before graduating to the real world.

A great way to stay entertained on campus is to host parties for you and all of your friends. If you have separate housing or an apartment, these are both great places for partying. Hosting a party can create memories that will last forever. You will get to enjoy yourself with friends and easily make new friends.

When you first venture off to school, it is very easy to get homesick. This is because you are so used to living with your parents and having their support 24/7. Once you go off to school, the easiest way to adjust quickly is to get involved. Join a sports team, get a job, throw some parties or do whatever you can to be active and meet no people. All of these ideas will help you get the absolute best out of your college experience.

Spring Break Preparation

If you are like me, then you love everything about college, partying and of course Spring Break. I went on numerous trips when I was younger and had a blast every single time! I traveled all over the world and saw and did things most people will never get to experience. Because of this, I wanted to share some of my basic tips for all of you kids out there who are getting ready for Spring Break 201

If you want to travel this year on your break, you need to start preparing now! You will want to book a great place before they all fill up and there is nothing left. Sometimes, last minute reservations work out, but why take the chance? There are many destinations that will make a great destination for you and all your friends. Florida has been one of the top destinations for years, but I wanted to share some other fun and different locations that you can consider for Spring Break 2016

This is an oldie but goodie! There are luxurious beaches, awesome hotels and nightlife spots. Senor Frog’s is the most popular bar and will keep you going back for more. During the day, you can lounge on the beach, go scuba diving or parasailing or just drink your face off. You will enjoy all that Mexico has to offer in Acapulco.

Have you ever been on a cruise? If not, Spring Break is the perfect time to try one. Even if you have been on one, Spring Break is the perfect week to take another one. There are always a variety of options and ships to pick from. If you leave from Florida, you can venture to the eastern and western Caribbean. You can cruise, swim, relax, booze and just let loose on the ship. All of your meals will be included and there is always a ton of live entertainment on the boat! Book yours early because they will definitely fill up.

Quite possibly the most popular Mexican destination is Cancun. Here you will find some of the most gorgeous beaches in the entire world. The nightlife is rivaled by no one and is exactly what every college student is looking for. The music and dancing will have you out each night. You can have a relaxing evening by taking a stroll on one of the many beaches and there are a variety of great resorts with fantastic food and amenities. You do not want to miss out on this destination!

Dominican Republic
For the last few years, Punta Cana is the place that everyone is raving about. The crystal blue waters and sandy white beaches are fan favorites as this is the best area to visit in the Dominican Republic, There are a variety of all inclusive resorts with excellent food, great pools and bars and unbelievable nightlife. If you have never been to the Dominican, Punta Cana is the place to go!

So, now that you know some of the more popular places to visit, get your act together and start planning now. The sooner you get on this, the better price you will get and the better overall experience you will receive. Take it from me, an avid Spring Breaker for years. Proper planning is key to the absolute best vacation. Book now and enjoy!

Tailgate Party Fixes

As much as I adore listening to stories of how guests embarrass themselves at tailgate parties, I abhor being guilty of the humiliating act. To prevent this from happening, I am proactive to a slightly fanatical degree. You have to be pretty exacting to come off as smooth all the time: it takes effort to look effortless. Because of this, I wanted to share with you a few ideas for making sure you are as smooth as can be, at all times during your football tailgating season.

Tailgate Party Ideas

First, I make sure to stock my car, my pockets, my phone case, my beer pong table, my cornhole board, all my party supplies, well, you get the idea. One cardinal rule I follow is to keep your phone with you at all times, along with a portable charger. I bought one of those thingamajigs that allow you to charge the portable charger from the car USB port. Obviously, don’t spend more than a few minutes of the party on your phone, however a phone is essential at the end of the party, and people always bum my charger off of me. Your phone is also a great way to snap photos and videos of the days events, that way you can recall what happened as you hopefully got all of the great footage documented!

large party before the game

Now, on to the less obvious necessities. Keep money in your phone case. All you probably need is a twenty, but keep all denominations as well as change in your purse and car. Tailgate parties are riddled with vendors selling food, apparel and other novelties, so it is always important to have a few bucks on you, just in case! Next: body powder. Let me explain. Especially in the summer, parties can get a little sweaty, so I often sprinkle a little powder on my chest and back to keep me nice and fresh. I always laugh when I see the guy or gal covered in sweat, looking absolutely like a train-wreck in public.

Here are some other minor tips. For eating: a couple of toothpicks, a napkin, a couple of mints. No gum. Band-Aids for blisters and unfortunate paper cuts and a change of clothes and shoes in the car. You all laugh but this will ensure that you are ready to go, even in the event of a rainstorm or incredibly humid day. A small tin of citronella cream and lightweight sunscreen for the summer months. Even though I have all the necessities, I avoid the ‘bulge’ of a huge bag or packed car. Everything is compact and well-thought out!

Everything I mentioned above seems incredibly simple, yet you would be surprised at how many people don’t even think to plan properly. If you prepare the right way the next time you are heading to a tailgate party or other type of outdoor party, you will thank me for helping you remember the necessities that will keep you from embarrassing yourself! Here are some more tips to help you with your next tailgating event.

A Better Handle on Tailgating

Do you really need a better handle on tailgating? Of course you do, because everyone can use some additional advice. Even the avid tailgater and party goer can benefit from time to time by learning new ways to spice up any event.

I am passionate about informing everyone about some of the greatest ways to throw parties and entertain all of their friends. Here is a post by me on how you can make your next event more unique.

Tailgating Ideas

First, you can theme it up. You can add a team or sport theme to your event. Since you are most likely going to be partying and supporting your favorite or local team, you can have everyone show up in official jerseys or apparel. You will be amazed at how great your group will look.

Second, you should pack hardware in a tool box. Really, we’re not kidding. Put the spatulas, basters, grill igniters, skewers and gloves in one part of the tool box. Keep the non perishables in another part. An average size tool box can hold enough utensils, seasonings and condiments to feed more people than you might expect. Grab large tool boxes so you can keep towels, wet wipes and trash bags. At the end of the party, wipe everything down, shove it back in the tool box and there’s your easy cleanup!

Third, before heading out, go to the nearest department store and get one of those cheap big plastic containers. Big is the key word. You can put all of your consumables in the container for the trip out. When the party is over, put the dirty dishes in the container and transport them home with ease! This will also help you not forget anything when you are departing.

Fourth, get a helium balloon. Tie it to a string and let it fly over your location. Now your fellow party goers can look for the balloon to find you. You can also use any other inflatable device. A lot of people even have their favorite team or mascot inflated and flying high above their spot. This is a great way to let everyone know who you are rooting for and where you are partying.

Fifth, get a good rectangular iron skillet. Season it, put it on the grill and you can fry up bacon, eggs, pancakes and much more. Everyone will love it! You will be the envy of everyone else at the party when they see how many different types of food you can cook.

Lastly, make some Jello Shots. Go to one of the big box stores and get a pack of small paper or plastic cups. You can then get some Jello, your favorite alcohol and make these tasty treats. Girls especially love taking Jello shots because they are a lot easier to consume and taste much better than normal shots. You will attract all the women with some colorful Jello shots.

ideas for your next party

Master Your Next Tailgate

As you can see, even the avid tailgater can benefit from some additional tips and tricks. I have learned so much through my travels that I am happy to help anyone and everyone spice up their next event.

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the ways I love to tailgate plus tips and tricks of the trade. Be sure to stay tuned for future updates.

My Own Tailgate Party Experience

Hello and welcome to my blog. I am so excited that you found my page and am happy to share with you all of my tailgate party experiences. I have been traveling across the country for a number of years, visiting different NFL and college stadiums to try and enjoy myself anywhere I can!

I have learned quite a few things about the different cultures of various NFL and NCAA teams as well as their fans! I will periodically post my travel experiences and cool foods, games and other items that I come across. Feel free to comment, post or contact me if you need some information or want to learn more.

What is a Tailgate Party

Tailgating, which has its origin in the United States is a social event tied mostly to NFL and college football, where people come together for food, drinks and partying before the big game. There is not an NFL stadium in the country that lacks a bunch of pre-game parties. Every single stadium is booming with action before every single game. The same goes for every single NCAA football stadium as well!

These parties are usually held outside around the open tailgates of vehicles with extra chairs and tents to cater to many people. Parking lots at arenas and stadiums offer the perfect venue for these parties. I cannot even tell you the amount of different types of cars, trucks and gadgets that I have encountered being used across the nation. It really is incredible when so many people come together to enjoy themselves.

A football tailgate party has now become an integral part of American Culture. It is a popular social gathering where people consume grilled food and maybe knock back a few beers. A typical tailgate has a steady stream of beer and cold beverages along with lots and lots of picnic foods like burgers, dogs and plenty of sides and condiments. Trust me, there are very few skinny people who attend!

Tailgating has also become a staple of pre-game celebrations at events like hockey, soccer, baseball and basketball. Sometimes these events are even held at non sporting events like barbecues and weddings!

When people gather together for these events, they also tend to play a few party games such as beer pong, ladder toss and cornhole. I have become a master at all three of these! There is also plenty of loud music to accompany these popular games.

Awesome Places to Tailgate

I have had the privilege of tailgating at multiple stadiums across the country and would love to share my top 3 places that I have enjoyed myself! Depending on where you are located, you just may be able to have fun at the same venues as I have.

playing cornhole at the tailgate

Kansas City Chiefs
Tailgating in KC was such a great experience as their parties attract visitors from all over the country. There are so many people there that are more interested in partying than in the actual game. Now, there are PLENTY of Chiefs fans who are tailgating, I just thought it would necessary to mention how many non football fans show up to support their local team and have a great time while doing it. The Chief fanatics are the ones that show up first thing in the morning and are already drinking and partying well before lunch time”. There is so much food, live music and fun that I almost didn’t want to leave. I recommend that everyone gets out to Kansas City for a pre-game party if you ever get the opportunity!

Buffalo Bills
Buffalo, New York is typically not the most active of towns. This may be the reason why Sunday game day is such a blast. It seems like the entire city ventures to Ralph Wilson stadium to support their Bills and party their faces off. There is even a designated area in the arena parking lot where partying is condoned! It is also very important to mention that the “buffalo wings” in Buffalo are out of this world! You are truly missing out if you never get to party with the Bill’s fans before one of their games.

Green Bay Packers
Cheesehead fans are some of the most dedicated and loyal in the NFL. There are over 80,000 people on the waiting list just to get season tickets. Packers’ fans are incredibly serious about their team, and equally as serious about their pre-game tailgate parties. Parties at Lambeau field have made national news for their enormous size and official band! They are even climate controlled facilities for those that want to party inside when it is cold. That is all I can say about Green Bay as you need to experience this place for yourself.

Stay Tuned to My Blog about Football Tailgating

Well, I hope those brief descriptions have piqued your interest and are going to motivate you to get out and experience some real NFL tailgating for yourself. As I previously mentioned, I am incredibly fortunate that I have been able to experience a lot for myself. Because of this, I am dedicating this entire blog to providing you with some fascinating tailgate party information. I will discuss awesome venues, cool products I recommend and endorse, and of course the best foods and drinks to bring to your next function! I will also offer you some great tips on how you print your own designs on banners, tents, beer pong tables, cornhole boards and any other products you could ever want to use at your events!

Check out this great tailgating video one of my good friends shot at his last tailgate!