Boat pong is a lesser-known version of beer pong primarily because it requires the group to have access to two boat, usually pontoons. Pontoons are the boat of choice because they have a flat, stable surface. However, with the right planning, this game can be played between any two watercraft with a surface available to hold a table of cups.

Boat pong is played with the same rules as beer pong, except that there is no table between the targets. This, similar to floating water pong, prevents the players from being able to bounce across a surface.

The general setup is very basic. Each boat has one target station manned by a pair of players. It is suggested to use larger cups and balls if the targets seem difficult to hit. For more skilled players, traditional beer pong supplies can create a new, exciting challenge for what is normally an easy game.

Each boat is anchored an appropriate distance from each other. Anchoring the front and back of each boat will prevent some spinning, however the nature of boats is to move. This is what makes boat pong interested. Even at its most calm, the targets are never truly stable.

When playing boat pong with a large group, additional players are often placed in the water to collect stray balls. This can make the game very exciting as teams select their swimmers. These teammates race to the stray balls and return them to the team of their choice. The stronger the swimmers on your team, the more likely you are to have an extra toss at your opponent’s targets.

Generally, shooters and swimmers are required to alternate at regular intervals to give those in the water a break as well as a chance to drink. This might occur between game cycles, or at an agreed-upon halfway point.

adults playing boat pong

Boat pong is an exciting twist in the traditional version of beer pong. If you know someone who thinks they have mastered the game of beer pong, challenge them to the boating version this summer and see if they can keep their team afloat! If you want to learn more about this awesome game, contact me.