A Different Kind of Party

I’ve written a lot about tailgate parties and how they work. You should also know that I am a fan of beer pong and many different party games. With that said, I want to briefly change topics and discuss another type of party that you may all enjoy. It is similar to tailgating in that you get together with a bunch of people for food, drinks and fun, but it is also quite different.

eating food before the game

If you’ve ever heard of the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA), you may have thought to yourself that these are a bunch of really weird people. Well, you would be at least partly right. The SCA is full of a bunch of really odd folks that dress up in funny clothes and beat on each other with sticks and things. But there is another side to the group. Having been to a few events put on by the various chapters of the SCA, I can say with confidence that the craftsmanship some of the participants display is beyond compare. Many of the people involved make their own costumes, and some of them even offer hand made garb for sale at these events. There are also booths that sell just about anything from live steel weapons to food and drink. These events can go on for days, sometimes even a couple weeks.

Partying with the SCA

Interspersed with the craft booths and campsites, there are always other activities going on. Often there will be a large scale battle as the main draw. This battle may involve dozens of people on each side, even hundreds at some of the larger events. Frequently, there are also smaller battles, or tournaments, between participants using any number of different weapons from archery contests to armored individuals going at each other what ever weapon they choose. It should be noted that steel weaponry is not used. hey are made of wood, usually rattan or other similar substance.

Now for those of you who might be wondering why I chose to bring this type of party up, there is also a normally active night life involved with most of them. Similar to the mundane pub crawl, some attendees can be seen wandering from campsite to campsite sampling what ever beverages are available. Sometimes these campsites also offer some sort of food, as well. Most of it depends on how friendly the campers are. I have also gotten involved in quite a few heated battles of beer pong and tailgate toss. This organization loves to party and drink, so I can’t see any reason why you wouldn’t want to give it a shot!

Party Games Involved

I would like to give you an idea of what kinds of drinks might be available, but the list would be endless. One of the more popular crafting ideas with some chapters is brewing their own wines and beers. One of the more popular home brewed beverages with these people is mead, or a honey based wine. There are some involved in the SCA that refer to this drink as “the nectar of the gods”. Unfortunately, my one attempt at this concoction was pretty much a dismal failure. I also remember taking a drink out of a three foot drinking horn containing something called apple pie, and that is exactly what it tasted like. I honestly have no idea what was in it, and the person who made it wasn’t sharing his secret, but it actually tasted like drinking a fresh apple pie.

As I mentioned above, I have played numerous games of beer pong and tailgate toss with these folks. These guys were so good that I considered signing them up for the World Series of Beer Pong tournament in Vegas to compete for $50,000. I was kind of turned off when I first discovered these parties because they seemed odd, but the more and more I started going, the more I realized they are exactly like the tailgate parties I am so used to! You should definitely see for yourself and let me know if you need any info about where to find one.