A Better Handle on Tailgating

Do you really need a better handle on tailgating? Of course you do, because everyone can use some additional advice. Even the avid tailgater and party goer can benefit from time to time by learning new ways to spice up any event.

I am passionate about informing everyone about some of the greatest ways to throw parties and entertain all of their friends. Here is a post by me on how you can make your next event more unique.

Tailgating Ideas

First, you can theme it up. You can add a team or sport theme to your event. Since you are most likely going to be partying and supporting your favorite or local team, you can have everyone show up in official jerseys or apparel. You will be amazed at how great your group will look.

Second, you should pack hardware in a tool box. Really, we’re not kidding. Put the spatulas, basters, grill igniters, skewers and gloves in one part of the tool box. Keep the non perishables in another part. An average size tool box can hold enough utensils, seasonings and condiments to feed more people than you might expect. Grab large tool boxes so you can keep towels, wet wipes and trash bags. At the end of the party, wipe everything down, shove it back in the tool box and there’s your easy cleanup!

Third, before heading out, go to the nearest department store and get one of those cheap big plastic containers. Big is the key word. You can put all of your consumables in the container for the trip out. When the party is over, put the dirty dishes in the container and transport them home with ease! This will also help you not forget anything when you are departing.

Fourth, get a helium balloon. Tie it to a string and let it fly over your location. Now your fellow party goers can look for the balloon to find you. You can also use any other inflatable device. A lot of people even have their favorite team or mascot inflated and flying high above their spot. This is a great way to let everyone know who you are rooting for and where you are partying.

Fifth, get a good rectangular iron skillet. Season it, put it on the grill and you can fry up bacon, eggs, pancakes and much more. Everyone will love it! You will be the envy of everyone else at the party when they see how many different types of food you can cook.

Lastly, make some Jello Shots. Go to one of the big box stores and get a pack of small paper or plastic cups. You can then get some Jello, your favorite alcohol and make these tasty treats. Girls especially love taking Jello shots because they are a lot easier to consume and taste much better than normal shots. You will attract all the women with some colorful Jello shots.

ideas for your next party

Master Your Next Tailgate

As you can see, even the avid tailgater can benefit from some additional tips and tricks. I have learned so much through my travels that I am happy to help anyone and everyone spice up their next event.

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the ways I love to tailgate plus tips and tricks of the trade. Be sure to stay tuned for future updates.