Shot-Ski – Hitting the Slopes without Ever Leaving the Bar

Shots are a popular bar drink, and even a popular party drink, but when we take them with friends it becomes fun for the entire group.
You have heard of a round of shots held high in the air, a toast, or a gesture of appreciation toward another. Taking shots as a group is an age-old tradition that will never fall out of style. The shot-ski takes the pleasure of a group shot and adds a twist of increased difficulty that will liven up any crowd.

This technique literally requires the participants to imbibe in a shot that has been glued to the length of a single ski, or board. Depending on the length of the ski, multiple participants can line up to take their shot. The average length of a shot-ski allows for four drinkers. However, extreme skis have been crafted to allow additional positions along the board.

What happens next sounds simple, but is rarely so. The participants raise the board, together, and tip the shot back so that they all drink at the same time. Problems arise when you have drinkers of varying heights. Coordinating several individuals to take a shot at the exact same moment, often results in someone catching a face full of liquor. This can be a hilarious crowd pleaser. Additionally, a successful shot-ski, with perfect execution, can draw cries of victory from the crowd. In either case, the shot-ski is a group activity that provides as much entertainment for the drinkers, as it does for bystanders.

If your local bar does not offer the shot-ski experience, crafting one on your own does not require a high level of skill. While some shot-skis are elaborately decorated and crafted to perfection, the task can be completed with a long piece of wood and a decent amount of heavy-duty glue. This thin item is easy to take along to any party or tailgate and, even if you have not mastered the technique, it is sure to draw a crowd.